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I have a 720p Insignia 19" flat screen TV, with Spectrum Choice TV streaming service. What, if anything, would I see on this TV when watching 4K video? If the answer is "nothing", what will I need to do to see anything on a TV like mine (install a cable box, adapter, etc.)? I don't want to use a cable box if I can avoid it (do not want the extra charge on my cable bill, and I do not want another box as I already have a Roku 2 Internet device with the Roku Spectrum TV app).

BTW, I think the cable companies are really trying their darndest to get as much money from subscribers as they can, through cable box rental fees. I wish I could drop cable, but my TV reception is not the best (I do not receive two network affiliates, CBS and FOX, with an antenna, although I get every other Cleveland local TV station just fine).

Sheeeeesh......... This is making me wonder if it is even worth it to have cable. I have YouTube TV, which delivers all my local stations except PBS and local Fox news, so if I dropped cable I would officially be a cord cutter. YT TV is actually a great service except for the lack of PBS, especially with its cloud DVR service; however, I do wonder why it does not carry PBS, which is a non-commercial network. Because it is a non-commercial network, cable companies would not (at least should not, IMHO) be charged exorbitant carriage fees as there are for any streaming or cable service which carries the major broadcast networks. I can get PBS by using a separate app, but it would be so much better if the network were included on Youtube TV. Does anyone here know if this is just an oversight on the part of YT TV, or is the service arbitrarily and deliberately omitting PBS goodness only knows why--or for no reason whatsoever?
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