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[QUOTE=dtvmcdonald;3196676]Can tests of 4K be done properly?

Yes. You can see my projector test results posted above by a Level II certified ISF technician.

That is, with bitrate reduced to say 5
megabits/sec, as it actually be used outside of movie theaters?

Yes, as above. The best 4K available outside of a professional studio is from UHD 4K Blu Ray disks offering 10 bit HDR. HLG, Hybred Log Gamma, is a form of HDR used for live 4K broadcasts including ATSC 3.0 soon to roll out. When HLG is displayed on a 2,000 cd/m2 display with a bit depth of 10-bits per sample it can display a range of 200,000:1 or 17.6 stops without visible banding. So far I have seen the Rose Parade, Oympics and NBA basketball in 4K HLG.

What does it look like (on a large screen 4K display of course)?

You can see 6000x4000 resolution photos from the link I provided. The screen size is 10 foot or 120 inches. My DSLR will never convey what it is like to see it real. I tried to describe it above. With good content and HDR, the experience is like when you saw HD for the first time. A friend was watching my system. His comment was “better then at a movie house” There is no pixel structure visible, even if you put your eyes inches away. HDR is more important then 4K resolution.
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