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Originally Posted by benman94 View Post

I'm nominally from the Detroit area (parents are from the suburbs, and I have an apartment in Detroit, but spend a majority of my time in Europe.

What branch of physics? I'm a biological/medical physicist.
Good afternoon,

The name of my major here at Eastern Michigan University is "Physics Research". It is a generalized physics degree where you get to explore the whole gamut from mechanics to electronics, all the way up to QED. I am currently working on my thesis which involves modeling, building and testing a neutron detector. Basically, it is a piece of barium fluoride crystal or Bicron that's mated to a photo multiplier tube connected to a pulse shape discriminator. Once built and tested, the idea is to send the device into the stratosphere on a high altitude weather balloon and find out whether there is a measurable neutron flux originating from the sun and reaching the earth.

What part of Europe do you live in? I am originally from Germany, but I have spent the last two decades here in the US.
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