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Well I think its cool that ol'satellite boy posted his sh*t, Captain Picard once posted to me in public here that he works at one of those online car parts stores to get me on board for Honda parts I may need..... Personally, I don't see anything wrong with individuals who care to identifying themselves and their business.... You can sure bet that if I were looking for something, whatever it is, I would consider buying from someone here, that I at least know a little more than someone I don't know at all....

I don't see what all the fuss is.... Sure there should be a written policy.... I assume once in a while thoughts change and a feeling shifts, becomes an unpublished policy, or an experiment....

In some cases you know.... ebay is kinda like a good fence... It keeps good people honest..... Maybe for used parts ebay is best..... For a business like satellite dishes, hey there is a pay per click ad server here.... And a note saying "that's my ad" in the classifieds is ok with me.... Good disclosure....

We could all just keep our business off here..... Hey we have seen a few postings about misread ebay shipping prices turning into such hot talk that the thread gets shut down.... What about a possible business deal gone bad....

I have a business where I run some stuff for some of the most gripy people I have seen, and out of the 200 people there, only 2 know what I do and they always have complaints... And I don't get paid for it, so they are complaining about something they get for free.... I keep my identity, and advertisements away from that crowd.... I don't want to get involved with them....

Kinda like the old bit of advice "don't work for your friends and neighbors"

Enough of this crap....... Get back to your TV Sets !

Dammit !

: )
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