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How to make a degauss coil for servicing out of a junk BPC TV

I think this is worthy of sticky status.

How many of us, especially newbies and those that rarely work on color sets have found our selves in the position of needing to degauss a screen manually, but not having a proper service degaussing coil?....Well I've seen enough to want to offer some help.

You can find junk 80's and newer BPC sets for dirt cheap to free at the curb everywhere these days. Most 20" and up use an over sized degauss coil, and I'm going to show you how to make that into a convenient servicing coil.

The above photos show a degauss coil pirated from a 20" BPC set, and a quarter for size, and the same two objects with a vintage servicing degauss coil for comparison.

Start by un-looping the original and smoothing out the corners.

Then fold it into three turns.

Pull it smooth and uniform, and wrap it in couple of spots with electrical tape to hold it like that.

Notice how it is the same diameter as the service coil (the two I've done are both like that)?

Then put one even layer of electrical tape around/along it to encapsulate it, and add a cord. If you want you can add a switch too.

Note: the copper in the photos below is an isolated extra winding I added over the layer of electrical tape to make the coil into an air core transformer for an experiment to test an idea I had...If I unwrap that copper a normal black degauss can be found underneath. When I can I'll add or replace those pictures with a better representation of the finished product.

This is not as good as a proper service coil in that it gets hot in 1-5 minutes, and could pose a fire hazard if left plugged in after that. In most degauss jobs I do I only need 30 seconds to a minute, so this is enough to get the job done, and I HAVE used it a few times. When using it keep a hand on it at all times* it is plugged in to make sure it is not overheating. *except when it starts to get too hot to hold, at that point drop it and unplug it immediately.
If you did not get the degauss job done before overheat just unplug the coil let it cool well and do it again....Or go out and buy a proper servicing coil.
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