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Originally Posted by init4fun View Post
If we're allowed to share opinions about this , here's mine ;

I like the idea of Technicolor and others advertising their products here , and I can't see where this could be any kind of problem . There should , however , be a way to differentiate between private and commercial sellers so that folks don't have to click on each and every ad to see which is which . Could perhaps a "commercial retailers subforum" be created right underneath the present classifieds section ? Failing that , maybe a different colored font for private vs commercial sales ? (blue text = private and red text = commercial , or something similar)

The more resources the better when looking for old radio/tv parts and if I need a capacitor that Technicolor or anyone else has , it matters not whether the seller is private , commercial , or a little green man from mars , as long as I get the needed cap (or anything else) to fix the radio !

As long as the ads were kept strictly to the topic of the board , old video and audio stuff , how exactly could access to a greater resource of components be a bad thing for VK ????
I have only one problem - I've been on the AK/VK boards for over 5 years, and I proposed a similar operation in 2010, when the boards split. I was shot down. Now, here comes someone that has 5 months on the board, and it gets the blessing. I had tons (1300 SqFt) of stuff that I would have offered, off-site, not just capacitors from China. No profit - just a list of stuff available (off-site, to keep the chaff/PMs to a minimum). Many here benefited from the initial offers - Compucat, RadioTVnut, DRH4683, Dave Morris, and bunch more.

The real problem is the lack of a stated policy - it seems to be a conditional one, the conditions I'm not privy to.
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