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I am lucky enough to own an ITT CVC2 exactly like pictured above. The A56-120X CRT was quite soft when I got it, but found a really great one and its made such a huge difference to the picture. One sold just recently on ebay for a completely ridiculous amount, and I have no idea why these old sets are making this sort of money these days.

There's two small issues I need to sort out. I need to replace the A1 pots as they are a little intermittent and do something with the focus-control. It currently as made, has a 'Metrosyl' resistor from the final-anode 25KV down to 6KV focus, this part is varying its resistance and seriously affecting focus, especially during the first 10-30 minutes use.

I have NO idea where I would get a Metrosyl now for this, so will probably end up doing a little redesign and use a more conventional focus-pot...

The collectors over here would probably go potty for a genuine Roundie, I know I would!

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