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Originally Posted by zeno View Post
This one looks like an NEC although at least the HOT is a
Toshiba tube. The tubes are typical US except the 17JZ8
was the common vert osc/amp in B&W sets. May be a Toshiba
chassis also but its been since about 1980 we stopped
most tube repairs. Age has not been kind to my memory !
Never liked working on tube Jap sets. With the exception
of some late hybrids most were worn out in a few years needing
lots of work. Add to that the unservicability & parts problems.
They sat on the incoming shelf along with GE sets the longest.

73 Zeno
The early Panasonic built small screen sets, Penncrest, Bradford and Singer didn't age too gracefully.
Brittle PC boards and tube sockets, convergence cloverleafs and waxpaper capacitors. They really had the strange tube types, 9AQ8, 15CW5, 9A8 etc.
You always had to chase for them, as you didn't repair that many of them.
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