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Originally Posted by Alastair E View Post
Here's my latest TV set--From around 1972, a Japanese 'Teleton' VX1110 12" Delta-CRT Color set.

By UK Standards--a complete oddball, I used to think back in the day when the occasional one came for repair, that these were of American manufacture, due to the valve line-up, 31JS6A, 17DW4A, 17JZ8 etc. but found they were made by General Corp, Japan...

The pictures above were taken by its previous owner, Mike, (Also a UK based enthusiast) who has done a good job cleaning the set up and making it actually work!
It must've worked for a short time, as it looks like one of the tubes went to air, maybe the 17JZ8.
What does the power supply look like, as your sets have to be designed for 220/240 @ 50 HZ.
It looks like the CRT is a low focus voltage type, as the blue gun is in the 6 o'clock position.
It also seems strange to us, that the set only has a UHF tuner, VS the sets, were used to be familiar with.
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