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Originally Posted by TVVintage85 View Post
Tom, thanks for the info. I'm only 31 so I wasn't around then. I was just guessing at the size of the screen of the sets I saw in ads I liked on the internet or what I saw on YouTube a 21 inch would probably be perfect. I think that's what mine is now but it might be a 23 inch, not sure.

I'm 25...I tend to soak up TV history well/have been at this most of my life. Generally speaking your most likely to end up with a 23V" screen size color set if it is rectangular. When color went from round to rectangular 23V" was the standard size...And for a while basically the only size...Small portables were the next sizes to come out then intermediate sizes, then screens started going bigger. There were some "mini consoles" with ~20V" screens but they are VERY rare (I've had ~10 rectangular color consoles and only one was a mini)...Probably rarer than portable and table top models (which are rare because they were easier to carry to the curb).
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