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I inherited a Sears CTC11 clone in a nice big cabinet that belonged to mom's cousin. It was not used too hard, so it lasted until 1977 for them. The CRT was still good but I never got it to make HV without putting a B&K analyst, yet the oscillator was putting a good wave to the 6DQ5.

Another Sears model I saw a few times was the 1967 23v" color model with a Warwick chassis that seemed to be like an RCA, that model was so basic it did not even have a lighted channel indicator for the combined one-knob tuner.

A great Uncle who lived in town had one of those Toshiba rectangular color sets with long legs that Sandy G mentions. When they moved I ended up with it and do not recall much issue other than it did not look right yet the CRT was good. I passed it onto a friend who needed a set for his apartment.

Sears was pretty popular among all the thrifty Germans it seemed but only a few bought TVs and stereos there. Good thing too, compared to even the entry-level RCA's they were mediocre at best.
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