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i remember a customer that bought everything from sears.appliances,clothes,etc.she had a console sears television.that thing was a stone dog!it broke down more than we cared to admit.was at her house 5 to 6 times a month.crt would last about a year,couple of flybacks,numerous caps and resistors,tubes galore.she always wanted it repaired.finally mr dixon made her an offer,"come and pick out any console on the sales floor even trade."she came in and looked over approx 20 sets.we had zeniths,rca,sylvania,a philco and admiral.all had flawless cabinets and worked like new.she decided on a jc penny set!liked the cabinet,nevermind the picture it displayed.luckily,it was a fine performer and it was at least ten years before we got the service call.i couldnt believe she passed up a flat chassis zenith,xl100 and sylvania gt matic for the pennys set.built by wells-gardner with a rauland crt.excellent picture and she was quite for the sears set,we all had a great time scrapping it.wasnt destroyed but taken apart and thrown away.we were never allowed to do any less than vandelism allowed in his shop.a nice slow,painless death to that bastard.never cared for a sears built set.good appliances-had a washer dryer combo that lasted almost 25 fridge is over 20 and working just fine.but those tvs,ugh!
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