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Originally Posted by oldtvman View Post
That was just before I bought my 1st color set.
LOL my Aunt had maybe an RCA ~ CTC 9 or 11 not sure ** big maybe 1960 21" roundie TV I with safety class that could heat the large Golden Gate st. S.F. Victorian frt. room on cold day, we lived in east bay burbs ,not OAK or Berkeley

The S.F. RCA factory - monthly renewable warranty contract Service tech's must have lived there SRSLY ,that was a genuine never the same color twice TV and not exactly black and white when supposed to be when it worked which was seldom at least when we were,

TV Tech was often there also,working on the beast or pulling the chassis or putting it back in off the shop bench and doing the convergence and all that

.Wasn't much color TV on then and again thing wasn't exactly B/W white when needed

RCA must have spent ton on that relic she had that contact and TV till they could not get parts for it (they said) & replaced the bloody TV around 1969 or so,with a nice rect, maybe 25" remote set

she probably cold have bought many better TV for that recurring stipend to RCA that I'm guessing was north of 5 large all total

She was single but had the dough & nice cars even a 58 Ford Fairlane 500 H.T. conv. monstrosity before the 64 1/2 V8 Ford Mustang or maybe something in betewwn knowing her that I vugley rember may have been a pontiac 61 maybe Catalina , she got tire of getting HT conv. maintained ( if know Frisco then a dealer svc, dept would empty your wallet with up sells and maybe fix what you took it there for

Aunti was generous too even when bought that spendy & big hi rise condo with the views ,

$$$ was never an issue with her ,she had a well paying responsible job at SF General that SRSLY paid a lot more than than a lot of fellows @ decent 9-5 and in 1960's

,thats how I learned what all that stuff was before I had ultimately had to do it yrs layer part time for a Magnavox AD while I studied adv. Electronics .1967-70 3 hrs a day at school before CSU Electronics and Solid State Engineering 1970's style . ~ 3rs and then a study change to an unrelated CSU career degree , & responsible career & travel + generous retirement now

Noting not many folks had color TV @ ~ 1963 our family first color was ~ 1963 a huge cabinet & frt. facing 6 speaker stereo & 21" bonded safety glass maybe CTC 12 clone in a huge Curtis Mathis 'condo' that was a significantly better and more reliable TV than my aunts T V but not always stable like all those were bnack then and it got some servicing by a local TV repair shop me later on .

it got some tubes , a peaking coil & .power switch ,TV tuner repair , & a red plating 6BQ5 pp output tube stereo chassis repair and a record stacker (grinder) upgrade to a Garrard model 50 & better pick up all

ppfftt The entirely mid century conventional Curtis Mathes stero chassis had those odd mid century package circuits in it that looked like crackes with wires in then ,

It had and a maybe RCA Colortron delta gun CRT at some point presumably a rebuilt what ever it was anyway and it usually worked for many years it was a full boat furniture grade cabinet not that pitiful RCA photo finish rubbish and probably a better TV in there than the same series RCA model anyway but not easy for 3 folks to move

Then I got mom (by then a widow but not cash poor & not wealthy and a home owner ) the family deal into a new Magnavox 25" combo at the Magnaxox AD by then I used to work at as that old one was deteriorating too far for me to keep up and study and I wasn't living at home at CSU and I was working and broke to pay most of my way& beer anyway

The mid century Halicraftrs S120 typically deaf SWL AA4 retro project is supposed have some pf those package circuits but it never did but they managed to put the terribly wrong uF 50C5 beam power outpot tube contrl grid cap on a tube pin spec. 0 to neg. volt grid but at +6v it shows now

the relic from the past , is getting NOS tubes and vitually a recap outside of newly aligned IF & RF tuned stages here anyway as soon as it all gets here in some days

,the obligatory Lytics and Diode are in there now and I can see a polarized line cord and safety cap in ther also,no need for a B+ dropping resistor all the related voltages are fine.

I have a retina searing 05.17 55" NIB 2016 4K HDR 1000 QDOT SUHD flagship tier Samsung + 5.1 in here binned for a Samsung Direct FA01 ultrablack motheye panel

the 2015 4K HDR Sony Triluninus + 5.1 @ my family cinema room and 2 1080p 40" ,42" NIB @ 2013 Sony and LG to round out the fleet

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