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"Another option is to get a different style convergence yoke for a roundy and wire that to the convergence board....My 29JC20 had it's convergence hardware fixed in this manner."
Tom C.

I have had the same thought, I think I still have a "solid" Zenith roundie convergence outfit, the Red, Blue, Green one, left over from a "66 Zenith roundie, somewhere. I will have to compare the schematics, between the two, but, ideally, you'd think there shouldn't be much, if any major difference, between the early and later coils. I replaced a couple of these Cloverleafs, back almost 40 years ago, when I worked at a shop, of course then, the new part, #43-473, was still available! This would be an "ideal" 3-D Printer application, provided somebody had a good one to use as a pattern.
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