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Another thing I'd give my Eyeteeth to have Back in my possession is my KIWA MW Loop. Lent it out to a boy that had dreadful reception at his house, he got the KIWA all set up, & promptly managed to lose it.. Trust me-A KIWA meant you could very likely have amazing reception any time of the day or night.. THIS is what I got for being a "nice Guy.." This guy & his brother lived together, generally Walter took care of stuff, but Jeff-The Brother- could eff up a 2 car funeral.. I managed to hold onto the KIWA for a little while after I got my R-389 back from Terry. Had it long enuf to realize I'd made a BIG mistake lending it out. There was/IS a twice told tale about the outstanding capabilities of the R-389/KIWA combination...Fella had one in Denver, was able to receive in the winter time, a French LW station-Carrier & a few note that allowed him to see just how much of a Hoss the Kiwa was.. Transatlantic DX is difficult, but still QUITE doable if you have the right equipment.. But 2.3 of the way across the North American continent isn't quite as easy..
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