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Clearing out building

I am clearing out my building. I have many RCA parts from the late 60's to 2000. All are labeled in bags starting with the first 2 numbers. IE: 10------, 11----.up to 22----. There are VCR heads, belts,VCR parts and idlers, VCR cable extensions, TV chassis repair kits for RCA and NAP.
tuners, transformers, knobs, capacitors, you name it, it is there. Zenith parts also but limited to the solid state chassis. Too much to list. I also have ECG transistors & zeners I do not want to just throw this collection in the landfill but if not gone by Nov 1, 2017, the landfill it is. I also gave a huge microfishe reader and microfishe schematics for RCA, NAP, GE and assorted models.

I will give this stuff away for the price of a good dinner. ($100.00)

I will not ship; it is pick up only. You will not be disappointed. There are thousands of $$$ in parts and equipment.

Text to 352 four zero zero nine seven nine six
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