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Originally Posted by Sandy G View Post
Sorry that you felt it was beyond yr skills as a repair guy, but kudos that you elected to save it,& pass it along to someone else.
Originally Posted by maxhifi View Post
I bet it's the focus voltage divider arcing. You can still buy a new one, it's a fairly easy repair. That's very similar to the 17 inch Zenith which was my first TV. Tube stuff isn't so hard to work on as you may imagine, I have a much easier time with it than I do with solid state equipment. That TV is fairly rare and a good save.
Believe me, I'd love to restore this set myself, but I don't think I could do it justice. I haven't touched tube equipment in my life. I don't have the equipment, no tube tester, CRT tester, oscilloscope etc. It's near impossible to get any of that stuff here in this rural college town, unless I spend hundreds on eBay. And the schematic is either nonexistent or costs $22 on SAMS. That and I'm running out of space in this tiny dorm.

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