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Thanks, Brian
The model number I posted is correct. This is a non-remote set, with a vertical row of channel-select buttons and varactor tuner. I recently put this set into service as my bedroom set. The CRT is bright and sharp, and the sound is the best I've ever heard on a 19" table set. 4" speaker but sounds better than a lot of consoles.

You're probably right about the soldering being bad on the module itself. Someone had already re-soldered the pins on the module in a previous repair attempt. I re-soldered again myself, and replaced a couple of electrolytics that had high ESR. I'm living with the intermittent height reduction for now, it just adds an inch to those big letterbox bars.

Those component values will come in handy if the module fails completely and I decide to rebuild it, maybe using thru-hole equivalent parts and a decent heat sink
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