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I'll tell you boys what I'd REALLY like to have-A Phone line that STAYED"Live"... I THINK they installed them in 1066, & apparently,they will not install NEW lines for a few more years. .. My lines are apparently NOT "Water-Proof", get a good Toad Soaker goin', & you can pick up folks talking from ALL OVER the Globe. The lines have more extraneous noise on 'em than a marimba band. And, of course, EVERY TIME they come to fix things, THIS time-We SWEAR, We're gonna "Nail" the noise, this time for SURE... If I'm lucky,I MIGHT have static-free lines a week or 2 longer than the LAST-"We got it Licked NOW,Mr Geiger...I KNOW that I'm basically rather Stupid & all, but I'm PRETTY SURE wrapping my lines w/a black trash bag Bin Liner will NOT keep the water out...
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