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WANTED: Various Tubes

Hello guys, I figure this might be the wrong forum to post this, but I need some tubes. I recently bought a 1951 RCA 45-W-10 console stereo at a local estate sale. I usually am a fierce brand loyalist, with my heart belonging to Zenith, but I was drawn to this stereo for 2 reasons. 1: It only plays 45s. It's got a RC-1096A changer in it. I'd never seen that type of changer in a cabinet before. 2: It was cheap ($20) and I didn't want some godless hipster to use it for arts and crafts. I figured I'd get it because the turntable wasn't frozen and that the radio dial lit up when I turned it on.

I got home, and once I took the back off, I realized why nothing else worked - it was missing every single tube.

The tube chart (attached) says it requires: a 6BA6, a 6AU6, a 6AL5, a 6C4, a 6AV6, two 6V6-GTs, and a 5AB(?)-GT. (The last one has a ding/scratch over it)

I don't have too much knowledge on this stuff, but I figured I'd plug all the tubes in an see what happens from there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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