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I will Have some sets for sale soon

1. 1963 magnavox roundie combo(CTC-15 clone), recapped, very good CRT, All tube amp, record player works, FM radio works but has issues. Cabinet in decent condition. $150
2. 1965 RCA CTC-16 roundie, recapped, good CRT, some marks on cabinet but decent, Smaller set. $100 (My Avitar)
3. 1965 RCA CTC-16 roundie swivel set, Good CRT, cabinet decent. $100
4. 1967 Admiral 23" rectangle metal table top set, Good CRT, It works but it needs work in the vertical area. $75
5. 1972 Zenith Hybrid 25" color set. This came from shango66. It works but take a while for the color to come in. CRT is marginal. I have a spare CRT thats good to go with it. $75
I'll make a good deal for all of them, No pics of them(coming shortly) but 2 of them are on my Youtube page:

Zenith from shango66:

You must pick them up or arrange for shipping
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