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WTB: Potentiometer or part of one, and knobs needed.

I've got a Motorola TS-292 21" bakelite table set with a physically dammaged volume/contrast pot/power switch.
Going from memory it is a 2.5k contrast pot with a 625 top end tap, and a 1 meg with a bottom 300K tap.

I've got an IRC kit with various control parts, and was able to come up with the right value resistance elements with correct taps, shafts that seem close enough to work, and most of the housing....However my kit has no switches in it. I was able to find an older junk one but the rotational stop on the shaft is catching on many things inside the switch/back housing which indicates to me incompatibility....

I need either an original ganged control off a Motorola or an IRC switch (single pole or double will work) with the complete back housing for the resistance section of the control.

I also believe I need the complete channel knob set for this set and possibly the tone/volume/contrast knob cluster.
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