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Originally Posted by TinCanAlley View Post
Anyone know of someone in the Los Angeles area that could give a home to 2 vintage B&W sets? One is an RCA 21-D-645, works well, but needs new speaker cloth (darn cat). The other is a Philco from 1950, but I haven't taken down the exact model (it's in a closet). The service manual I have says 50-T1443, but images are slightly different. The one has some kind of plastic front screen protector. It was working until the chassis was removed for transport. When it was put back in, it wouldn't tune in a signal. Probably just a tube or connection. The only thing missing from this one is the tuning knob.

I am attaching a couple of pictures. Not asking for anything other than pick up and a good home for them. I don't want to put them in the hot garage for storage.

You should contact Shango066 on Youtube. I know he used to post here years ago but I can't remember his username. He would give a good home to those sets, and he lives in LA.
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