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FS: 21AXP22 Colorama in Box, 21" B&W CRTs

Finally decided to pass on a 21AXP22 I've had setting aside for a while in hopes of finding a modern styled CTC-5 to place it in. I'm moving it along with quite a bit of other stuff to clear out my garage to remodel.

Tube is an RCA Colorama in a Colorama box, 1965 written on side. Tube date code is 6-22 Box is opened, tube is used but all of the guns check very good on it and I'd be happy to provide readings. No white on the getters. Anyone's welcome to come by and check it with their own equipment. I only have a B&K 415 and a Beltron at my disposal. Tube will need to be picked up... either yourself or by a courier, I simply won't ship this. $700 I traded this tube with a collector in the bay area in exchange for the restoration of his CTC-9 at an agreed value of 800 so I'm taking a little loss on it

Pics are here:

I also have a good number of 21" black and white CRTs, all under 110 degree. Check in with me on what you might need. $40 local pick up.

PM or call 916 491 9210
Magnus Rubsam
Stellar Vintage Electronics of California
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