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Talking September ETF Meet Wanted List :)

Hi, I'll start out by saying I had a really great time at this past April ETF, so much fun and got to meet lots of other TV collectors, can't wait for the next one in October since it worked out good starting my wanted thread for last ETF a few months before I figured I'll do the same with this one. So here's the list!! Also as time gets closer I'll also add sets that i'm wanting to sell. Message me or post here if you have sets i'm looking for


Any round screen color set's, even if it has a bad or weak CRT I may still be interested!.

Tube color rectangular set's, I had a few zenith's but would really like to find a RCA as I never had a all tube rectangular RCA before like a CTC-17 ect. I may also be interested in other brands as well though.

Late 50's early 60's B&W sets, any brand but must be in good condition. Zenith's and RCA's are my favorite.

Early to mid 70's console's/portable's solid state or tube hybrid sets.

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