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Originally Posted by truetone36 View Post
I'd love to find 5 UX201A tubes.
That should be really easy on Ebay. There are several vacuum tube suppliers that often have a number of the early tubes. Some specialize in harder to find stuff. UX201A or 01As aren't that hard to find I'm fairly certain.

My radio collection tends to stay a little ahead of the 20s, but I do have one Atwater-Kent "coffin" style radio that operates on AC. I need an old globe style type 26 (or UX226) for that set. I saw a few of those on ebay. Just haven't pulled the trigger yet.

Hey, I just typed in 201A tube on Ebay and the first thing I saw was a group of five; tested. The auction ends this Sunday at noon. There are 6 bidders currently at $31.00.
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