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F/S: Early Sears 19" Square Color Set

Got this recently and as you all know, I don't do square sets. Not sure what it's worth, but wouldn't take a lot to bring it home. Can be seen/picked up here in Virginia for the next month, then in Maryland from March on out.

Didn't do anything when I first variac'd it, B+ breaker was bad like they always are. Jumpered out the breaker, set cam to life with a shrunken raster from all the bad caps that are likely inside. But that means it's a good candidate for a resto, and since the CRT tests like new on all 3 guns you'll enjoy it for a long time to come. Again, all tube not a hybrid! This is not the large neck early set that had the same size neck as a 21" one, but still a nice early delta gun set ready to be put back into DD status. Someone make it live again!
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