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The set pictured in 034 was a mid 50s Magnavox. Needed the room; made this thread; found no takers. I didn't have the heart to scrap that one, so I took it to a local thrift shop and they told me they sold it that day. In 033 there are two sets stacked in my kitchen. On the bottom was the later 50s Zenith Space Command 24" (remote controlled). The set had a larger than average for the period (21") screen and early remote, with a chassis you could eat off of. Needed the room; made this thread; found no takers. I parted that one out. I still have the parts and one day someone will hopefully need some really nice vintage remote control or main chassis stuff.

NOW on top of that set is a 1948 RCA 8T-243 with a good 10BP4 C.R.T. That one is still with me. Frankly I can't believe someone hasn't come and grabbed that one, but oh well. Maybe ugly 40s sets aren't the cats meow anymore! LOL! I have always thought that 50s sets didn't get their just recognition within the "collectable" population of this hobby which unfortunately dictates the desirable factor. That's changing though as the age groups collecting that stuff fade out and their collections at least hopefully go to younger collectors and museums.

Don't get me wrong; the 40s stuff is what I consider interesting in many cases, especially DuMont products. However, it's very heavy and often overdone with extra circuits and whatnot that often were not found in many 50s sets (especially later 50s). 50s sets are also quite practical for regular viewing. OK, I'm on a tangent. Anyway, I still have the RCA, but you would have to pick it up. I don't ship TVs which is probably one reason I find it hard to get rid of them when I need to.

Also, the picture on the far left is a decent Motorola from the early 50s. I still have that one as well. Someone gave me $300 sight unseen for a Bakelite version of that set! The stuff certainly has value, but like anything you need the right person in the right place, with the right desire to buy..... Let me know if I can help you further. Thanks
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