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Originally Posted by Electronic M View Post
Did you ever do the neon bulb test to see if the trippler is bad?

IIRC you don't have a tube tester or oscilloscope which you will need to preform the tests Jr Tech recommends. What I'd recommend is to get a DMM (if there is one piece of equipment that is cheap and essential to the most basic troubleshooting that would be it) and test any burnt looking resistors to make sure they are within rated tolerance of their rated value (replace any that are not), and if you test the oscillator/grid drive for the output and there is signal loss or lack of oscillation then go after caps in the area. BTW if you are having red plating, and want to trouble shoot the oscillator remove the output tube...The set should not be harmed by it's absence, and you can trouble shoot the grid drive without damaging the HO tube by letting it redplate for a prolonged period.
Indeed we did.. and it worked!
Pretty sure Trippler is out... We bought a new one and he is going to try and install it.
Will inform him of the output tube testing as well.
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