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Restoring an RCA CTC-10 "Wynnwood".

Scanning Craigslist this morning during break and spotted this RCA listed at $70.
I decided to take off early and go look at it before a Fishtanker found it.

Sadly the CRT has been necked, it was a 21CYP too I think based on the Orange stripe on the neck, I have a rebuilt Channel Master FJP I can put in it though.

It's complete except of one small knob, the CRT cup (probably broken when the CRT got necked) and a couple small pieces of brass trim on the legs.

The cabinet is a little rough but the good thing is it's black lacquer so touching it up is much easier than trying to match a particular shade of stain, also wood putty won't show through black paint.

After finding the tube necked and the cabinet being a bit rough I was considering leaving it, until I realized it was a remote set, I figured that made it worth the extra effort to restore. I also have two CTC10 chassis here for parts so getting it running won't be a problem.
I made an offer of $40 and he accepted it so now it's sitting in my van!

Here's the promo sheet from Ed Reitan's site.
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