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Originally Posted by Kamakiri View Post
As you can see, we have no commercial sponsors at this point. I think that we're all gentlemen here, and if someone wants to have a go at trying their hand selling parts or whatever, and they're an actual member trying to make a startup in something, just ask me.

This is, after all, how AudioKarma got its first sponsor....Venus Hi-Fi....and a long-term partnership (and friendship) was forged.

If anyone else is interested in the same arrangement, I have no problems with it. Just drop me a PM.
I'm not going to be asking, or attempting to become a vendor sponsor - my previous attempt was to see if anything had changed, as the prices quoted in 2010 were beyond what anyone could afford that was merely selling vintage parts. The prices were apparently the going price over on AK, where Audiophile pricing ruled. I liquidated the stuff quickly for pennies - I couldn't pay the rent on the building to store the stuff but knew it was gold to anyone that needed it. Kinda hard to get traction without exposure.

Thanks for letting me tell the story.

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