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Originally Posted by sean View Post
Be aware that the IG-57 does not have an adjustable RF output. It originally came with a step attenuator unit that was used to reduce the strength of the signal being injected into the TV. You could buy or make a step attenuator, or cobble together an attenuator from a potentiometer in a pinch (what I did with mine since it is also missing the attenuator).
I'll worry about that if I discover I have to do an RF alignment later. Right now all I want to do is an IF alignment.

EDIT: Nevermind, I re-read that and I think I misunderstood you. But yeah, I'll keep that in mind.

EDIT 2: Yeah, definitely misunderstood. It's going to output some frequency regardless of if it's RF, IF, whatever, and you're essentially saying I can't control the peak-to-peak voltage with this. Since my TV is looking for a sweep with a 3V peak-to-peak signal, hooking up a potentiometer on the line to control the output level would be useful.

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