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Originally Posted by DavGoodlin View Post
I went in for a look. Turns out this guy owned a local Mobil station for years and is known for several 1969 Camaros featured in magazines like Car Craft and HotRod. This set is as NICE and cared for as his cars, 1968 model HJ-847S, CTC28B and had a replacement CRT as Doug says.

I offered $50 because that is all I can spare right now. He declined politely, then I offered to "tune it up" for the same price since there appeared to be some attachment.

BTW The shag rug is getting replaced, hence the thoughts of selling this combo. I may come back with a better offer if I can sell a 1969 Zenith HiFi and move a 1991 RCA 27" console to make space. There is an outside entry to the basement, but its a left turn and up some steps right outside
IMHO, $50 is more than fair. Hell will freeze over before he get's $200. It's not like it's a roundie.
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