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i have never posted here before,despite being from australia i can definitely confirm that that the large male socket at the lower left side of the chassis goes down underneath to the power transformer on a small chassis which had 3 screw in fuse sockets a large tagstrip bolted to the rear on this particular set 4 black wires leading to the tagstrip had been altered and it was obvious this power tranny had 2 primary 110 volt windings which been reconnected for the 240vac mains voltage some local tv tech had bolted down a small 240 to 17volt transformer connected in a bucking configuration to reduce the mains from 240 to 220 approx this small transfomer looked like it had been intended for a 12volt battery and was also connected to the same tagstrip using spare unused tags this tv was bought for $15 in 1971 from the scrapguy at the local garbage tip in milperra ( a suburb of sydney) i remember him saying something like what do you want that old black and white monster for my sister who used to go to the tip to help my scavenge old 5valve radios and other interesting looking junk said to this guy that olt tv looks so cosmic compared to the other hmvs awa or pyes that were also awaiting there fate we used to routinely rob these sets of all the valves and sometimes the line o/p or flyback trans as i had some idea of trying to build a tesla coil anyhow we finally dragged this beast homeon a wheelbarrow bolted crudely to my bicycle as soon as my mother saw this she said havent you got enough electrical junk to play around with anyhow we finally got it into my sisters bedroom and swichted it on waited for a few minutes connected up aset or rabbits ears to the aerial panel turned the tuner knob numbered from 2 to 13 and could hear the locat channel atn 7 on the 8 position however there was no picture and the damper a 6au4 and the horizontal output valve had dull red glows after switching off i pulled the the top cap off the eht rectifier a 1b3 mounted at a weird angle and tried again same result then isaw this 1x2b and thought why should a tv have 2 eht rectifiers the penny didnt drop at that time however when this valve was pulled the line output stage immediately seemed more healthy ie arcs could be drawn from the top caps of both valves ithen went to my pile of junk and took a 1x2 out of alocally made awa p1 portable tv which had been junked because it had been dropped shattering the case and causing the crt to collapse inward fitting this 1x2 to the old tv still no picture but i followed the cable coming out from the socket and it found it was cracked where it passed over a support strut of the chassis once this was patched up by using about fifty turns of electrical tape finally sucess i found it could receive the four tv stations we had at that time but i never knew it was a colour tv till now the sound if had been retuned from 4.5mhz to 5.5mhz by somebody else long ago having seen this post i still wish ihad that old tv of course after i moved out my mother had one of cleanouts and you know where ALL my old radios tvs and other stuff went i give you one guess
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