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Originally Posted by tv beta guy View Post
One last thing: What is the best way to get that front safety glass off? I removed the 8 pins holding it in place and the trim, but it appears stuck on there.
Answer: very carefully!

It's probably glued on there by some old tar like stuff that used to be a gasket, here's how I attacked the issue. Remove the whole CRT bezel by removing the 1/4" screws holding it into the cab, then lift it out. Once you have it free, you can heat the edge of the glass where the goo is and try lightly prying on it with a putty knife. It should slowly start to separate, then you can pull the whole mess apart. Once it's in 2 pieces, you'll need to clean off said goo- this is actually the hard part. I scraped with a sharp razor till the majority was off, then used goo gone for the residuals. It's a mess and you'll probably end up taking some paint along with it, but you can always hit it with the rattle can later to make it look good. Put single sided foam tape in it's place, as a dust seal when you put it back together.
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