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Originally Posted by freakaftr8 View Post
Well I had these sets stored in my lot. Im rebuilding the storage shed at the moment. 3 of these sets are under a tarp. Well part of the tarp blew up exposing a section of my CTC40. Someone came by this weekend while I was away and decided they wanted copper. So now all the yokes are missing and they cut wires out of all the sets. The CTC40 chassis is still ok with the fact the wires are cut out from the yoke. Anode lead is cut as well. The chassis worked well with the fact the focus section needs work. Anyone want the chassis? $50 free shipping.
The other two were a heathkit GR-295 and a Zenith. All three CRTS are still in good shape, (im sure they didnt want to make a scene).
That just upsets me, I was going to find a donor cabinet for the CTC40.
Copper theft is on the rise in Placerville, CA
I had this happen last year. Somebody stole the yoke and cut wires out of a swivel-based Motorola that was in a shed. They stripped a dozen or so 90's BPC sets too, but seeing the moto like that hurts. I still have it and I'm eventually gonna restore it when I find a replacement yoke.
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