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Parting out..

Well this is my last attempt to part these sets..
Sadly as I had mentioned last fall, they met unfortunante doom when the roof collapsed in the storage shed I had them in destroying the cabinets.

Parts as follows.
Complete Heathkit GR-295 23" Color TV. CRT has bad cataracts but good. Chassis complete all tubes good, needs recapping.

Complete CTC-17 combo, CRT good, mild laminate seperation on CRT, really good picture! Works excellent, recapped. Stereo and phono good too.

Magnavox Combo, circa 1966. 23v CRT. Good emmission. Complete, not recapped, works, astrosonic with remote.

Zenith 25MC60 I think. 1971. Something shorted in the chassis, lost pic. Has sound. Has some sort of vertical deflection issue.

RCA CTC40. Works great. might need a focus touchup. Was a combo, but the TV part was cut out. No speakers.

RCA CTC9. Busted CRT. Cabinet nice.

Shoot me an offer, can ship parts.
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