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I thought these numbers on the rim of the CRTs were making sense as a serialization number for the shells and therefore the CRTs. All the rim numbers seemed to match up with the likely chronological sequence of the tubes. But Dave's CRT rim number seems out of place. So maybe the rim numbers don't mean much...could be just lot or batch numbers for the bells.

Also, I checked the rim of the 3 bolt 20 pin metal bell prototype in my CBS proto set, and it has no rim number. And the part of the paper tag with the "C" number is missing. But I a certain it the the youngest of the metal bell prototype tube identified so far, due to the 3 bolt faceplate mounting and the fact that the mu-metal shield is an external component. I believe the C73293 and C73547 series tubes had an internal mu-metal shield incorporated into the design.

If anyone else knows of any other metal bell prototype CRTs, please get me in touch with the owner. Thanks!
John Folsom
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