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First thoughts:

It's obvious they were trying different things with this chassis; there are holes where parts should be, disconnected parts, and it has a generally unkempt look to it. Wires are routed in a military fashion, tied off and specifically placed. Some circuits like deflection and tuner/front end look like standard fair. Others are a complete mystery- I see no evidence of what would be a dead givaway as a standard looking delay line, but there is an empty spot on the underside of the chassis marked 'delay' (see pic IMGP4543.JPG).

The HV section is strange- there is a 6CD6 output in one of the sockets (the ST shaped one in image IMGP4536.JPG), but then there's also a 6BQ6 in the socket right next to it. No idea what that's about. Damper tube is a 6W4GT, which seems like it should be the incorrect tube for a color set. Most sets use 6AU4GT(A), so I'm not sure what to think there. HV rectifier is a 1B3, which again seems like small B&W style stuff. Color sets typically use higher rated tubes like 3B2 or 3A3. Same thing with focus rect, which is a 1V2 where most color sets use a higher rated tube such as 1X2B.

Picture tube is developmental C-73547, similar to the one at the ETF. Getters look strange to me, I think the tube might have gone to air since one of them is clear in the center. Either that, or they were too close to the glass at the time they were flashed and scorched the glass- I've seen that before on audio output tubes. Other than that, everything else looks pretty good. I now have the monumental task of figuring out how exactly this thing works, and to that end I will be focusing my efforts on the color section first. Bob Galanter has said he will try and stop by this weekend to have a look at it, and I'm hoping Mark will stop by with his tube tester.

Much more to come, stay tuned!
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