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Free TV's

When I obtained these sets, I didn't think about them taking up every inch of room in my shop. And, I've ran into some personal problems that require me to thin out my collection. My space is so packed up to the point where I can't enjoy the things I really want to keep; so, these sets are up for grabs to anyone who wants them. The catch is you must pick them up in Meridian, MS I have no way to ship them or to transport them anywhere.

Magnavox T979 solid state (their first SS) 25" color console from '73. Has a strong CRT. Needs vertical circuit work and control/tuner cleaning. Cabinet top is warped a little; but, looks OK otherwise.

Sylvania E48 25" color console from '79. Uses a delta gun CRT. I replaced the original CRT with a Zenith chromacolor tube and the TV works; but, needs the usual convergence, purity, and grey scale set-up. Cabinet looks decent.

23" Zenith CCII (23LC45Z) from late '79. This was the last CCII chassis, built for the 1980 model year. Works. Cabinet has some dings.

Late '60's Silvertone (Warwick built) 23" tube color console. Has audio, HV, no video. CRT is fair.

Early '70's Packard-Bell 23" color console. Hybrid chassis. Has several chassis problems. CRT is fair.

Mid '70's 17" Magnavox solid state color portable. Uses a bonded yoke inline CRT. Has power supply problems and a phospher burn at the center of the CRT.

Early '70's Packard-Bell color console. Chassis has been hacked on. CRT is very strong. Could probably be used to repair the nicer PB above.

Zenith flat chassis 25EC58 console from '74. Has brightness limiter problems and a jittery picture. The cabinet is beat up on one side.

Telefunken tube stereo from the early '60's. Cabinet has some dings. Chassis needs to be restored. This is one of those things that I paid too much for and it's been sitting here for two years. At this point, I need the space more than I need the stereo.

And, I've probably got some more stuff you can have. I do have a mid '60's Warwick built Silvertone 23V B&W console. I rejuvenated the CRT; but, the fine tuning gear is broken and I can't bring in a picture.
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