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 Picture tube rebuilding equipment, supplies, and inventories for sale.

 I am selling off my CRT rebuilding business's assets rather than a complete going business. There is over $20,000 in equipment and inventories. This equipment was in operation until I had to close my business because I lost my building. The owner of the property passed away and the new heirs decided to tear it down to put in a car lot. My equipment is now in storage and I hate to see it just sit there not doing anybody any good. I will consider reasonable offers.

 There are three ovens. Two of them are a matched pair that are semi-automated built by Windsor Electronics. It has a 5 KW RF bomber (induction heater) built into it. One of the ovens wasn't put into service as I didn't have the need to have all three into operation but the working parts are all there. The third one is a stand-alone oven with a 5 KW RF bomber built into it. All of the ovens are set up to use natural gas. All of the mechanical vacuum pumps utilize two stages and are Welch 1402, which is the same as the large manufacturers use. The diffusion pumps are two stage. There are two vertical lathes for re-necking the tubes and for installing the new electron guns. The first one is built by Windsor electronics and is a very sturdy piece of equipment. I never put this one into service as I used the original one I purchased since it was already set up. It isn't as sturdily built as the first one but it does a fine job.

 Other pieces of equipment included are: (For those who are not familiar with what each item is or does, I will also give a brief description)

 Cleaning Vat, for cleaning the tubes before re-building.
 Spot Welder with bench, for installing the getters on the new guns.
 Black Light & fixture, for checking for flaws in the phosphor on the screens before rebuilding.
 CRT Analyzer, for checking emission quality and gas content of the tubes (built by Research Industrial Laboratory of Electronics).
 Miscellaneous adapters & cables, for checking and playing tubes on a test chassis.
 Two Filament Agers, for aging the tubes after being rebuilt. This is done for activating the cathodes in the guns and for stabilization.
 Vacuum gauge built by Cenco, for checking pumping system on the equipment.
 Oxygen tank & regulator, used for gas/oxygen mixture for working with the re-necking sealing process.
 Oxygen Tank, this is an extra tank. The first tank has paper work as to legal ownership but I don't have the paperwork on the second one. Both tanks are the large type cylinders.
 Filament AC Meter built by Weston, used for aging and processing the tubes. This is a very precise meter. It cost over $300 when it was new.
 Kodak Timer & two Misc. Timers, for timing in the aging and processing schedules.
 Gray Lab Timer, used for the same thing as the other timers.
 Delaminating bench, an aid to disassembling and the reassembling of the faceplates on the tubes.
 Banding equipment & supplies, for re-installing the implosion protection on the tubes after rebuilding.
 Polariscope, for checking strain patterns in the neck and electron of the gun after installing.
 Dryers, there are two of these, used to dry the internal dag after it has been re-coated.
 Color Test Chassis, there are two of these, used to play the tubes.
 B&W Test Chassis, there are two of these, used to play the tubes.
 Vacuum Pump, w/motor and base. (Extra, can be used as a spare).
 Hot Wire Glass Cutters, there are two of these, for cutting the necks of the tubes.
 Glass Tubing Cutters, for scribing the necks to be cut.
 Tesla Coils, there are three of these (need to be rebuilt), for checking tubes for leaks.
 Antenna Getter Flasher, for flashing the antenna getters on color tubes.
 Oven Thermometer, for checking oven temperature.
 Small Tube Oven Adapter, to be able to rebuild small tubes (usually 5"- 8").
 Beaker, for measuring Diffusion Pump Oil, for oil changes.
 Rubber Stamps, for making tube type numbers and serial numbers.
 Gun Mount Books, Training Manuals, & Misc. Literature (A gold mine of information).
 Misc. Plumbing, etc.
 Silicon Sealer & Gun, for gluing bases and other miscellaneous uses.
 Diffusion Pump Oil (Dow #704), for oil changes, (this stuff is worth its weight in gold).
 Flushing Oil, for cleaning out the mechanical pumps. (not needed very often but if you do, you'll be glad you have it).
 Mechanical Pump Oil (Chevron -approx. 2.5 gal. and Welch -approx. 3.5 gal.), for oil changes on the mechanical pumps.
 Inner Dag, this is the conductive coating inside of the neck of the tube.
 Outer Dag, this is the conductive coating on the outside of the tube.
 Silicon Vacuum Grease, this is a high temperature grease for positive seals between connections on the pumps and also on the tube to pump inside of the oven when being pumped down.
 Corning Caps, this is a type of safety glass used on the face of some types of picture tubes.
 Misc. Faceplates, these are a safety glass in different sizes and shapes for picture tubes.
 Resin, used in the adhesive for the faceplates to the tubes.
 Misc. CRT Frames, used for implosion protection and/or mounting on some tubes.
 Basing Cement, for gluing the bases to the earlier type tubes.
 Ammonium Bifloride, a chemical for removing the inner conductive coatings inside of the neck.
 Acetone, used in cleaning out the diffusion pumps when being serviced.
 Paper Towels (low lint), for drying the inside of the neck after it is cleaned and rinsed.
 Nichrome Wire, used for the hot wire glass cutter.
 Solder (22 gauge), for soldering the pins on the bases of the earlier tubes.
 Denatured Alcohol, used as a catalyst for the basing cement.
 Neck Glass (Tubing): 2", 29mm, and 36mm, for re-necking the tubes.
 Neck Flares: 20mm, 29mm, 36mm, 2", and 36mm (green glass), also for re-necking the tubes.
 Glass Polishing Compound, used to buff out small scratches on the face of the tubes.
 Acrylic Wax, for covering small flaws in the glass face.
 Double Stick Tape, for attaching face plates to tubes.
 Mylar Tape, for face plate installations.
 Pin Protectors
 CRT Boxes (New)
 Label Paste
 Misc. Supplies (Sealing Pins, Tip-off Coils, Carbon Paddle, Tungsten Steel Drill Rods, Port Washers, etc.)
 Bases (various types and sizes).
 Getters
 Dud Inventory, these are tubes for rebuilding. There is over 200 tubes both b/w and color.
 Tubes Built, these are tubes that have been already rebuilt or are new. There is approximately 20 of them.
 Good Used Tubes, these are tubes that check good or give a satisfactory picture. There are approximately 150 b/w and color tubes. (Almost all of these tubes are in boxes).
 Gun Inventory, there is approximately 225 color and b/w mounts. (Some are for the real oldies and some are for the current types. There is an increasing market for the need of the old type tubes and it is getting to be more profitable to do than the color tubes.

Opportunity of a Lifetime: Here is your chance to be able to restore those old TV's from the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, and newer by rebuilding your own picture tubes. So many of those old tubes are nearly impossible to find and if you do manage to locate them, they are so expensive that you may have to get a second mortgage on your house or refinance your car. The cost of the materials to rebuild most tubes range from $6 to $20, in some cases up to $50. You do the math. You could even rebuild tubes for your friends and associates. Who knows, you could even supplement your income.

Pictures........ (Please allow time for pictures to load as there are several)

Equipment Photos page 1
Equipment Photos Page 2

Buyer is responsible for crating and shipping.
I will box the small items.

Training and assistance is available for a reasonable FEE (Just cover my expenses). (In the continental US ONLY).

I will be willing to offer advice and tips for FREE for a reasonable amount of time.
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