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That Sylvania was still on the sales floor at my friend's shop; no telling how long. It had been marked down several times. I decided to bring it home and try to sell it from here, and if nobody wanted it I figured I could keep it. Too nice for something to happen to it. It had an intermittent video which I traced to the last repair it had. When they put the back on they didn't line up the service switch just right and they ripped it out of the board just a little. Enough to open the circuit and give a negative raster. Fixed that. Neat thing about this set is it has no external adjustment for vertical hold, not even sure if it has one on the chassis? They had confidence! I was given advice on the repair, just haven't taken the time to try it. A very capable little set.

I really wish some new collector would come along locally-I could set him (her?) up with an instant collection!
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