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Misc. Stuff For Sale

Hmmm...having a hard time selling anything via VK classifieds. Don't understand why. I'll keep trying!

Some more stuff I have to sell:

Sencore substitution box, RC 121. Subs carbon resistors, wirewound resistors, "paper" & electrolytic caps & simple recitifiers. Some components may need replacing. (the caps, for instance, and experience shows that burnt resistors are common) No leads. $7

Winegard DA-1118 18dB distribution amp. Made in USA. The one pictured is in the box with manual, might be new, I don't know for sure. I'll throw in a second unit, used but good, as a spare. The second was hard-wired so the plug is missing. All for $7+ shipping.

Sears 564-50370800 5" "Go Anywhere" bw tv, still has the original 5 cell Gates lead acid battery pack. I'm sure the batteries are shot, but the TV powers up fine. 1978 model. Free for shipping.

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