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NOS TV Stands For Sale

One of the things I dug out of the TV shop is a pile of NOS TV stands. (I had posted about this before sometime back) I went through each of them and unboxed them, checked that the pieces were all there, and put them together just enough to see what size set would fit on them. Most date from the mid-70s and would be good for something like a 19" bw set, but some can handle a color. Boxed up they shouldn't be too hard to ship. I'm thinking $10/each. If I can't sell them here I don't know where else to go! Next stop would be the dump. If you have something in mind let me know some dimensions and I'll tell you what might fit the bill. There are some used ones, too, but I haven't dug them out yet.

in case anyone has dug down and found this old thread, the tv stands are all gone, I gave them away to a used furniture store which might have just chunked them.

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