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Ready to begin on my roundie

Im ready to begin on my roundie, RCA2000 come over to my house today, to bring over the CRT with major cateract problems, and it was nice meeting him. hes a great guy. he also gave me a board with parts to fix my CTC-167, but thats off topic (please dont yell at me mods. lol).

So far, almost all of the bonding degrated, and you can only see the center spot of the CRT. i took off the mailing tape, and no heatgun at all, i peeled off the glass and cleaned it up. the center wasnt sticking all the well either.

jack(rca2000) told me that the tube tests emission like brand new. but he mentioned one of the colors, i think the red was a little weak, but still very strong. Hell, i dont like much red anyway.

the center of the screen, the bonding glue felt like the material they make clear hoses out of or something! it wasnt sticky anymore, and didnt leave any residue behind. it just came off, now I have to clean up the glass.

It says in the service info that jack gave me, that you cannot interchange fjp22 with fbp22. I have no idea what my set had, since the base was broken off that had the number. the one I got now is a FJP22. its an admiral, with the yoke and stuff still attached.

question for jack: Can I still use the yoke and convergence magnet thats on this tube in my zenith? my zenith looks to be missing the purity rings according to the service info. Another thing I noticed, was one of the convergence magnets on the convergence yoke looks a little angled, other than the rest of them. maybe thats what they ment by not interchangeable. I dunno.
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