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Tubejunke 10-23-2017 05:55 PM

Hickok 209, a, b, c. Vtvm meter movements
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Hello all!

I know that there is at least one member here that is in love with the HUGE Hickok 209 series VTVMs. He's the SUPER lucky guy who snagged a harder to find "black face" 209A from the bay for like $40 lousy bucks when even junkers with silver face are normally over $100. They don't ever last long no matter the price if they have the necessary AC probe for the particular model.

Anyway, I bought what I shouldn't and didn't need in a 209C a while back. When I got it, it was in great condition; however, the meter movement had a snag in it. I tried a few tricks to eliminate the condition, but to no avail. I even tried sacrificing a lowly basic 209 movement and retrofitting the movement. They are different. Perhaps electrically, but certainly in mounting config. NOT a direct bolt in sway although they look alike. I went further in trying to dismantle the mounting frame, glass, & meter scale and mount the 209C scale on the good 209 movement. Even that mounting config is different. The screw holes don't line up.

SO, there is a guy with a 209B meter only for sale. I know that the B and C models are as close to the same in appearance as are the 209 and A models are. My question finally is: Would the 209B movement be a DIRECT swap into my broken C unit?

Anyone who can help will be greatly appreciated. I'm hoping that member I mentioned is still around. Sometimes folks here just vanish! LOL! Off topic......:scratch2: I need to find out as the part will only be available for a few more days.

Thanks again!

Celt 10-23-2017 06:11 PM

Best of luck! There is something about a big ol analog meter that is hard to beat! :D
Here's mine in a Heathkit I built back in the 70's.

Tubejunke 10-24-2017 07:02 PM

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Well, I sort of stumbled onto Hickok equipment as old repairmen retired or died. A friend of mine has long run a sort of TV repair and lots of other junk setup in a local flea market. He doesn't do the repairs there. It's just where he turns over sets that quite often he'd found on the side of the road. Back in the CRT days, I don't think I ever paid for a good color TV! LOL!

Anyway, this guy had compiled a small storage warehouse full of stuff found and/or given to him. The stuff ranged from the 40s to this century. He gave me quite a bit of vintage repair equipment and a couple of old sets. This Hickok 209A VTVM I have owned for several years is one thing which I was taken with immediately. It's the Titanic of meters (but in a good way) and bears a notoriety for high quality, accuracy and just being HUGE! The 209 series as best I know started in the mid to late 40s and ran to what I am dealing with in the B and C series which I believe were both made into the 60s.

This C series that I am trying to save is interesting in that it only utilizes one tube as opposed to I think 4 in the older models. I assume the tube is a rectifier for measuring AC voltages. I may well be wrong. It's a bit smaller and lighter, but bears the mammoth meter movement that is around 9 inches diagonal or near it. At any rate, the thing surely is worth purchasing a replacement meter IF the B model bolts to a C model and of course the electrical specs match. Frankly I'm more worried about the physical dimensions and mounting config. than the electrical as that can be tweaked.

I found a .pdf file that is a Hickok catalog which must be from 1964, but it doesn't even acknowledge the C model. Only the B as I believe the C and final model came a year or two later. The company made it into later decades, but like so many manufacturers of old they seem to have not faired well in the eras' of making cheap equipment (in Japan) to be sold in greater numbers with lower prices. At least that's what I've seen in the few later meters I've checked out which goes into the DVOM era.

I have pictured the A model in silver and black face. Didn't see a pic of the C, so I found one that looks to be the cover of a manual. Beauties!!!

My bet is this swap I'm worried about will work. Maybe the other Hickok fan/member will soon drop by....:thmbsp:

MadMan 10-25-2017 03:36 AM

I wonder how hard it would be to repair your problematic meter. Legit my mom used to work for Simpson repairing meter movements.

Tubejunke 11-07-2017 03:27 AM


Originally Posted by MadMan (Post 3191253)
I wonder how hard it would be to repair your problematic meter. Legit my mom used to work for Simpson repairing meter movements.

I tried to get the snag out of the 209C, but to no success. There was no real method to my madness and frankly truly working on the tiny parts, even on the biggest meter are for the eyes, tools, and patience of a watchmaker or jeweler of some sort. I just took the movement assembly apart and hoped to find a physical obstruction to the pointer or something, but there was none. I figured oil would do more harm than good, so I refrained there. I imagine any foreign matter that could somehow rest within the rotor and field winding would easily stop the uber sensitive movements.

I found out (just in case someone else ever needs the info) that the B and C models are the same meter. My big screw up was cobbling a good movement from an old 209 first series into this C model. They aren't the same movement. I knew that the screw holes were different, but figured I'd be ok if I could get past that. I wound up with a no snag meter that won't zero or go full scale. Just a small bit of deflection angle difference I suppose. Basically I ruined two VTVMs to save the one of likely lesser value! :scratch2: Duhhh!

MadMan 11-07-2017 07:02 PM


Originally Posted by Tubejunke (Post 3191680)
Basically I ruined two VTVMs to save the one of likely lesser value! Duhhh!


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