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MadMan 09-06-2017 11:53 PM

Motorola VT71 Chassis - LA

Meh. He says the cabinet is for sale in another ad.

WISCOJIM 09-07-2017 08:26 AM

I have for sale a vintage TV cabinet from a Motorola VT71. This set was made in 1948 and has huge popularity there are many restored sets out there right now but you can take this cabinet and put a flat screen or an iPod in there and make a very cool attractive conversation piece.

unrestored chassis $75
CRT (unknown condition) $75
cabinet $175

Total $325 for a non-working set.

Genius or ?


Electronic M 09-07-2017 08:54 AM

Given the CRT is not being sold separate of the rest, me thinks this might be a restorer that wants the jug for another set, or enough money from the vt-71 to get a new jug and caps for their other project.

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