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Trekintosh 08-28-2017 12:38 PM

What input will the monitor in a Commando machine take?
Good morning, good afternoon, and/or good evening.

My boss is looking at picking up a Commando cabinet in good condition. A couple of microswitches aren't responding(probably dirty contactys), there's no sound(not worried about that), but the monitor is good and the physical cabinet is good. The rub comes in with the arcade board, which seems to be in bad shape.

We were thinking of replacing it with a MAME Raspberry Pi(probably a multi-game machine, though I might lock it to Commando), and I just wanted to know which hat to get for it. I'm assuming an RGB hat and some custom cabling will be the best way to go, right?

P.S.: Don't worry. The arcade board will be going up for auction so that hopefully it will be either fixed by someone, or used to keep their copy of Commando running. No wasted parts here.

dewdude 09-11-2017 12:08 AM

RGB with the following properties:

Scan Frequency: 15.72 KHz Scan Frequency: 60.0 Hz
Scan Period: 63.6 µSec Scan Period: 16.7 mSec
Active Video: 46.9 µSec Active Video: 15.3 mSec
Video Delay: 11.9 µSec Video Delay: 1.2 mSec
Sync Pulse: 4.7 µSec Sync Pulse: 0.2 mSec
Scan Line: 456 Pixels Screen: 262 Lines
Resolution: 336 Pixels Resolution: 240 Lines
Clock Freq: 7.16 MHz

Sadly despite being a vertical game...Commando isn't on the iCade/60-in-1 Jamma board.

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