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grimer 08-14-2017 11:43 AM

CTC 11-CTC 30-Moto & Admiral GUTS F/S
I have unearthed a CTC 11 chassis,a CTC 30 chassis,a 2 piece Admiral 10
inch B&W Chassis,and a Motorola 7 inch electrostatic chassis.All Must Go!!
1>The ctc 11 chassis was from a smashed up set in an abandoned building,I field
stripped the set on site.The chassis produced a picture on my test jig as found,
I later took the focus coil and HV cage for another set,otherwise it is complete.
2> The ctc 30 chassis I had retrofit into a 50's Andrea cabinet,and had it workig great,put it up for sale,and the buyer wanted the cabinet only??
I have the yoke and conv board with it too.
3> Motorola 7 inch electrostatic chassis missing the HV cage.Condition unknown
4> Admiral 10 inch B&W with the separate power supply chassis.Condition unknown.
5> Not pictured...CTC 7 Convergence board and yoke...
6> Not pictured ..Almost stripped clean ctc 9 chassis

I do not want to ship this crap,if I did,you would have to send me an empty box/boxes
Will trade for equally worthless items...
I do not want to part out the ctc 11,the ohter stuff I might

TUD1 08-14-2017 11:54 AM

Clicked on the picture, and was attacked by malware.

Findm-Keepm 08-14-2017 02:30 PM


Originally Posted by TUD1 (Post 3188086)
Clicked on the picture, and was attacked by malware.

You are right! - My Script blocker instantly went to work - so much malware ...I had to close the browser to get away from a lock-up.

grimer 08-14-2017 06:55 PM

this link should work..

grimer 08-28-2017 12:37 PM

Anyone interested in this stuff? Or parts ? Getting closer to being put out in the trash.
Been cleaning out my house in preparation for sale.....

DavGoodlin 09-05-2017 12:18 PM

Can you bring all to the Kutztown meet on September 16? A lot of NY-NJ folks make that trip fortunately. lots of trading goes on.

I will be seeing others who may be interested. I would take the CTC11 for sure. never hurts to have ALL parts for a working set.

PM me if this is a possibility.

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