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RK-TECT 07-04-2017 12:44 AM

WTB: JVC Videosphere 3421 Parts
Hi, my name is Roger (RK-TECT) and I'm new to the Forum. I recently purchased a Panasonic Orbitel TR-005 TV and two JVC Videosphere TV's (one white and one red). I am looking for the following parts for my Videospheres: the tinted, curved screen shield/visor for the front of my red Videosphere, an antenna for one unit, one UHF antenna connector (the small square metal piece with a screw that snaps into the hole in the back of the set), and the duo/double knob that sets the time & alarm in the front bottom left corner of the digital clock base. I also need one antenna - or at least the tip - for my Orbitel. Does anyone have these parts that you would sell me? If so, please reply, PM, or e-mail me with what you have and prices. Thank you!

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